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everyone who is the one

is out looking for the last door

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malcom in the middle long walks all the songs off oar thinking bout my astral temple and sriracha peas

this…. right here…. is my…… swag

fromkittenstokings: You are cute as heck and need to be hugged a whole bunch like omg

ahhh thank you!! v positive stuff on tumblr lately… youre sweet

went on another dumb job interview today oh well maybe someday ill make money

first night chillin in denton since i moved got me like :~~

baby pink/feelin myself

tbh im not ready to be a grown up and look professional and stuff like it felt right at the time but i wish i hadnt gone to vocational school and moved out so young like ya im 20 but i still feel like i need to go to college again & b enriched by academia and have more time to grow into myself. having this much responsibility has already sapped so much of my youth n creativity and idk

females have such a different energy and i understand that energy on a deeper lvl and i need to have it around me more

i have removed myself from all human emotion :~~)